Way to Grow!

Elk Rapids Schools is proud to be able to offer families with children from newborn to five years old the Way To Grow! program. The first years of a child’s life are vitally important and Way To Grow! supports families with young children by providing opportunities, resources and information. This program invites families to become a part of our schools as soon as a child is born. Play groups at both Lakeland and Mill Creek Elementary provide opportunities for parents to connect with each other, children to socialize and play and information to be shared.

Our Way To Grow! coordinator, Joann Miracle, is available to assist parents by providing information and connecting them to resources in our community.


Contact Us

Joann Miracle, Coordinator
Elk Rapids Way To Grow!
Office: 231-264-8289, ext. 4153,
Cell: 231-649-9898
Email: [email protected]

All Way To Grow! sponsored programs are free!


If Elk Rapids Schools are closed due to inclement weather, Way To Grow!  activities will be also be canceled.