Tuition Based Program Supervisor:

Joann Miracle 231-649-9898 or [email protected]

Preschool and Kid's Club Program Directors:
Linda Dart at Lakeland Elementary ~  231-264-8289
Kathy Lee at Mill Creek Elementary ~ 231-267-9955

Summer Kid's Club Program Director:

Joann Miracle - Both Locations

Billing Coordinator until June 10, 2022:

Wendy Fox - [email protected]

Enrollment Requests

2021/22 Preschool at both locations is currently full and on WAITLIST status

2022/23 Preschool Enrollment Request

2021/2022  Kids' Club Enrollment request

2022 Summer Kids Club request for enrollment packet

*(SKC please look for an email from Brightwheel to start your enrollment process)



Starting with 2022 Summer Kids Club Elk Rapids Schools will be using Brightwheel.

You may download the app onto your mobile device.

It will be required that you make a Brightwheel account to enroll in any of our programs.