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Mill Creek Elementary School  9039 Old M-72, Williamsburg, MI 49690  (231) 267-9955

Bus Information

Elk Rapids Schools can provide bus transportation for children enrolled in the "Wee" Are E.R. Preschool, restrictions do apply.

The bus is available approximately 4 weeks after the actual beginning of school.

Please do not assume that a Preschool child can ride to school with an older child.
​​Your child must be enrolled with the Transportation Department and have completed paperwork and approval prior to riding any school bus. This is due to possible schedule & route adjustments that occur at the start of the new school year. The State of Michigan Child Care Licensing Agency has rules in place for the amount of time a Preschool child can ride the bus, this is a rule we adhere to due to possible route changes and time on the bus.

Your Program Director will have Bus Transportation Forms for you to complete.​​

All programs are licensed by the State of Michigan's Child Care Licensing Agency. 

Thank you for understanding!