Capital Project & Restoration

Capital Project

The Yuba Historic Society Capital Project, Phase 1 ($31,000) will improve the existing infrastructure of Yuba School by replacing the existing furnace with a new, high-efficiency unit, upgrading the plumbing as well as adding air conditioning and a dehumidifier.

Because of the generosity of our members and donors, YHS has contributed more than $10,000 to the project. Other major contributors are the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Rotary Charities of Traverse City and the Traverse City Rotary Club. Remaining funding will come from pending and subsequent grants as well as future donations.

We have started some parts of this project while we continue to raise funds.


Our Future

Yuba School Alumni, Yuba residents and many others are collaborating with Elk Rapids Schools to restore, preserve and manage the 140 year-old Yuba School. The Yuba Historic Society’s plans to restore the building and grounds so they can be enjoyed as a museum and cultural community center. 

Historic Yuba School, located on the corner of Yuba Road and US 31 N, is a major part of a unique small village with a long rich past. Native American Indians once lived in a village along the Yuba Creek. Beginning around 1852, settlers moved into the area and started developing the Yuba community. In 1859, because education was a priority for early settlers, plans were started for a one-room school. The building was expanded in 1901 to include a second classroom.

For 104 years, Yuba School was a source of learning and the center for community celebrations. The school was annexed to Elk Rapids in 1965 and has been quietly waiting for the appropriate time to rebound as an active part of our communities.

The restored building will be enjoyed by present and future generations, who will have this exceptional structure available for use. Three generations have fond memories of living, learning, growing up and growing old in Yuba. More broadly, we have the unique opportunity to manage the artifacts, history and character of the Yuba Valley. Along with the preservation and revitalization, the Historic Yuba School Museum and Community Center will promote additional tourism destinations in Acme Township.

The Yuba Historic Society is a good steward of the past. Our members appreciate what was built before us and left in our care. We will help our descendants to become stewards as well.