Strategic Plan

Elk Rapids Schools

Strategic Plan 2019 - 2024


Mission:  The mission of Elk Rapids Schools is Developing Lifelong Learners to Excel in a Diverse Global Community.


Vision:  The Vision of Elk Rapids Schools is World Class Education - Small Town Community.


Belief Statements

We Believe:

  • All students can become successful adults in a global community.
  • All students achieve best in a supportive learning environment.
  • Collaboration among community, parents, staff and students fosters student success.
  • An effective school community is built on honest and open communication.
  • Aligned curriculum and expectations support student success.
  • Providing facilities that meet the growing needs of the school.
  • District and community will support student success.
Focus Area: Teaching and Learning

Goal 1: Elk Rapids Schools will engage all students with best practices in all academic areas ensuring that all students demonstrate at least a year’s worth of growth.

Goal 2:  Elk Rapids Schools will ensure students reach their greatest potential by fostering a positive school climate while preparing them for an ever-changing world by 2024.

Focus Area: School and Community Engagement

Goal 1:  Elk Rapids Schools recognizes the strong sense of community that defines our district. Elk Rapids Schools will be intentional in their efforts to continue to foster an environment that values our community’s sense of belonging.

Focus Area: Facilities and Infrastructure

Goal 1:   Elk Rapids Schools will develop a formal process to engage all stakeholders in operations and facility needs, to be adopted by the Board of Education by June 2020. 

Goal 2:  Elk Rapids Schools will develop a Facilities and Infrastructure Plan by June 2021 that prioritizes the creation of learning environments that meet the Teaching and Learning Goals of the Strategic Plan. 

Focus Area: Finance and Budget   

Goal 1:  The Elk Rapids Schools Board of Education will annually adopt a budget that responsibly allocates resources to accomplish the goals of the Strategic Plan.

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