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Principal:  Michael Travis
Secretaries:  Lacey Straight
Attendance: 231-264-8108 x3119

Wapiti Herald

Volume 85 - October 7th

First Day Fun! - September 3rd, 2019
The first day of school was a half day, but it was packed full of information and excitement. It began with a student-lead (Jon Clem 11th) assembly in the gymnasium and featured a standing ovation for the incoming freshmen class as well as a series of games.  This was followed by a guest speaker in the Peterman Auditorium.  The guest speaker, 2011 Alumni, Dan Berck shared how he struggled badly in the first two years of high school, but eventually found his group and his groove in serving as the reader for announcements, leader of the student fan club (Ozone) at athletic events, and ultimately a very skilled lead actor in the drama program.  Dan is now a licensed tug boat captain for the Beaver Island Boat Company.

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