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Principal:  Jack Young
Assistant Principal: Brett Graham

Secretaries:  Lacey Straight and Kim Rice
Attendance: 231-264-8108 

Online Course Offerings

Online Learning Opportunities Through Elk Rapids Schools

Elk Rapids High School (ERHS) & Sunrise Academy Alternative High School offers well over 300 courses through two online vendors: EdOptions Academy (including Edmentum/Plato courses) and Michigan Virtual High School, as well as state-approved courses listed in Michigan's Online Course Catalog.  The course catalogs listed below for each vendor can be considered the course catalog for Elk Rapids High School. All Michigan Merit Curriculum courses required for graduation are available.

EdOptions Academy and Edmentum Courseware - The list of available courses can also be viewed in two documents:

Edmentum Courses

Edmentum Course Descriptions

Edmentum Course Grading Information

For questions regarding enrollment, contact Counselor Samantha Bueby at [email protected].

Michigan Virtual High School - Elk Rapids High School students can also take a variety of specialty and advanced courses through a division of Michigan Virtual University known as Michigan Virtual High School (MIVHS).

Michigan Virtual Course Catalog

For enrollment in Edmentum or Michigan Virtual courses, please contact Counselor Samantha Bueby at sbueby@erschools.com.

Nearly all virtual courses offered through Elk Rapids Schools are aligned with the Michigan Merit Curriculum High School Content Expectations and/or the Common Core State Standards and/or the Next Generation Science Standards and/or the College Board standards established for Advanced Placement courses. 

All online courses through Elk Rapids Schools follow the traditional 18-week semester format and are each worth 0.50 credit. This is equivalent to the credit earned for traditional face-to-face courses. 

There is no fee (cost) to students and families for online courses during the regular academic year.  There is still a per course fee for courses taken during summer school.


Can a district deny a student request to enroll in an online course? 

Answer: Yes. In addition to cost limits, there are five approved specific reasons for denial, including:

  1. the student has previously gained the credits provided from the completion of the online course;
  2. the online course is not capable of generating academic credit;
  3. the online course is inconsistent with the remaining graduation requirements or career interests of the student;
  4. the student does not possess the prerequisite knowledge and skills to be successful in the online course or has demonstrated failure in previous online coursework in the same subject; and
  5. the online course is of insufficient quality or rigor. If a district denies a student enrollment because the online course is of insufficient quality or rigor, the district shall make a reasonable effort to assist the student to find an alternative online course in the same or similar subject that is of acceptable rigor and quality. 

22 Credits must be completed in order for a student to graduate with an Elk Rapids High School or a Sunrise Academy diploma.  Students that desire an ERHS or Sunrise Academy diploma must complete at least 18 credits in the traditional classroom setting. In other words, unless an exception is granted by the Principal, a student may NOT apply more than 8.0 online credits (16 courses) toward the 22 credits required for an official ERHS or Sunrise Academy diploma. A specialized Elk Rapids Schools diploma may be awarded for students that exceed 8.0 online credits.

Michigan's Online Course Catalog - Elk Rapids High School (resident) students or non-resident students may also be eligible through Section 21F of the State School Aid Act to take state-approved courses listed in Michigan's Online Course Catalog. If you are interested in taking courses listed in this catalog, please contact Mike Travis, Principal at [email protected]