Cherryland Middle School 707 E. Third Street Elk Rapids, MI 49629 P: 231-264-8991 F: 231-264-9370

Principal: Josh Haggerty
Secretaries: Cheryll Wynkoop, Stephanie Gildersleeve

Cherryland MS Counseling

My name is Samantha Bissell and I’m happy to introduce myself as the counselor at Cherryland Middle School!  My goal is to provide a Comprehensive Developmental Program that meets the needs of ALL students. I am able to assist in individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom guidance while consulting with teachers, administrators, and parents. School counselors offer assistance in academic, personal, social, and career areas of the school environment.


Individual Counseling: 

I will be available to meet with students on an individual basis as needed throughout the school year.

Classroom Guidance: 

I will meet with students through large group discussions that focus on issues concerning career, academics, or personal/social issues.

Small Groups:

 I will facilitate small groups that consist of 4-6 students who share the same concerns. These groups include, but are not limited to, study skills, social skills, students dealing with the effects of divorce, effective ways of managing emotions, grief and loss, etc. These groups are formed on an as-needed basis.

Students may contact Ms. Bissell by filling out this form.

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             Local Resources

If you are suicidal or in immediate crisis, please call one of the following crisis hotlines:

National Suicide Prevention Hotlines 1-800-SUICIDE,  1-800-273-TALK National Youth Crisis Hotline 1-800-442-HOPE


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