Mill Creek Elementary 9039 Old M-72 Williamsburg, MI 49690 P: 231-267-9955 F: 231-267-5215

Principal: Kimberly Kramer
Secretaries: Jenny Pike, Holly Schlicker

Welcome to Mill Creek Elementary School

We are lifelong learners preparing to positively impact our community.  The mission of Mill Creek Elementary is to build a culture of caring and learning. Mill Creek Elementary is committed to growing as a learning community through continuous collaboration leading to excellence.

Our Collective Commitments

Mill Creek Elementary in partnership with children, parents, staff, and community will:

  •  Create and maintain a safe and secure learning environment while placing high value on student’s character.
  • Build positive relationships with our students through our knowledge of their interests, strengths, and needs.
  • Adhere to, model, and be guided by our District Respect Charter.
  • Provide parents with resources, strategies, and information to help children succeed.
  • Take initiative, celebrate success, and learn from mistakes.
  • Use Grade Level Content Expectations to guide our instruction.
  • Accept responsibility and demonstrate that all students will achieve, or exceed grade level expectations.
  • Use interventions and strategies with the understanding that students learn in various ways and at different times.
  • Use Best Practices to ensure high levels of student achievement and engagement.
  • Support and encourage one another to participate in meaningful staff development to enhance our professional skills.
  • Work collaboratively in a learning community to develop instructional strategies design methods of assessment, and advance the vision of the school.