Sunrise Academy 97 Lake Street Elk Rapids, MI 49629 P: 231-264-5890 F: 231-264-6559

Principal: Mr. Mike Travis

Sunrise Crafters

Sunrise Crafters is a class in entrepreneurial studies which enables students to set up a small business at Sunrise Academy. They have learned the basic business plan format and applied for a loan. Thanks to the generosity of the Grand Traverse Band 2% Grant monies are available to students for this program. Students then use the monies obtained from the loan to purchase supplies. With these supplies they construct items for the general public to purchase. (see below) The loan money is paid back to Sunrise Academy along with 10% of all future sales. Students keep track fo orders, income, and expenditures to learn basic bookkeeping skills.

Please contact any Sunrise Crafter to order items or to learn more about the small businesses.