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Principal: Josh Haggerty
Secretaries: Cheryll Wynkoop, Renee Bradberry

CMS Virtual

Path B Cherryland MS

What is included in our virtual learning option?

  • Available by choice to any students enrolled at CMS 
  • Virtual learning platforms: 
    • Plato Academy provided by Edmentum 
  • Semester commitment required 
  • Mentor provided by ER Schools 
    • Parental support will be highly recommended 
  • Courses are offered in an 18-week semester format 
  • Courses are free to Elk Rapids Schools students 
  • Open enrollment August 24th - 31st 

For enrollment in Edmentum, please contact Counselor Samantha Bissell at [email protected] 

Edmentum courses offered through Elk Rapids Schools are aligned with the Michigan Common Core State Standards and/or the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Who will be my child's teacher for CMS Virtual? 

Students will be supported by certified Elk Rapids teacher, Mrs. Donna Eberle. Mrs. Eberle is certified in all subjects, K-8 and has taught over 30 years in the Elk Rapids Public Schools system! You can view her contact information and resume below.

Contact Information:
CMS Virtual Learning Teacher,
Coordinator and Mentor

Mrs. Donna Eberle

[email protected]

smiling teacher

photo of resume

PDF DocumentView Mrs. Eberle's Resume

Materials List

  • Binder or other Organizational System
  • Notebook for each course to keep notes organized
  • Folder for each course to hold loose handouts
  • Pencils and Pens
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Colored Pencils
  • Ear Buds
  • Assorted Science Materials as the need arises

Helpful but not required

  • Printer
  • Three Hole Punch
  • Calculator

What program will students be using to learn? 

CMS Virtual utilizes the Edmentum Learning Platform to deliver high-quality digital curriculum aligned with Common Core and NGSS standards. 

Please review the video links, documents, and other resources to learn more about CMS Virtual through Edmentum.

Coursewear Learner Overview Video

Getting Started in Edmentum Coursewear

Edmentum Courses

Our CMS course offerings have been reviewed and modified to ensure students closely match the content learned in each CMS In-Person course. 

  • 6th ELA
  • 7th ELA
  • 8th ELA
  • 6th Math
  • 6th Accelerated Math
  • 7th Math
  • 7th Accelerated Math
  • 8th Math
  • Algebra
  • 6th Science
  • 7th Science
  • 8th Science
  • 6th Geography
  • 7th World History
  • 8th United States History
  • 6-8th Journalism
  • 8th Social Media
  • Physical Education
  • Art

CMS Virtual Parent Guide


  • Can I provide the required time and oversight necessary for my child to succeed in virtual courses?
  • Does my child have the academic skills necessary to succeed with this Virtual Option?
  • Is my child an independent learner?
  • Is my child consistently motivated to do school work?
  • Is my child prepared to dedicate 30-45 hours each week to this Virtual Option?
  • Does my child have regular and reliable access to the internet?

● Strong reading/writing skills
● Ability to follow directions
● Technology skills
● Strong independent work and study skills
● Learning style matches the delivery method of instruction
● Time-management skills and the ability to self-pace
● Interest and motivation in learning and the ability to stay focused
● Parent time and commitment to monitoring the learner for accountability

● Good time management
● Effective written communication skills
● Independent study habits
● Self-motivation
● Academic readiness
● Technologically proficient

● Enroll in the Google Classroom for Parents of Virtual Learners with a current email address that is
checked often
● Time Commitment - Ensure your student is spending 6-9 hours on task each day, or 30-45 hours
per week for a 6
class course load

● Little to no Face-to-Face interaction with school staff or teachers during the school day, though
paid tutoring may be available after school hours.
● Limited school organized interaction, partnering, or group work with peers.
● Independent Learning - less teacher involvement, less direct instruction

FAQs for grades 6-8 Virtual Option

Virtual Learning is a district coordinated program in which content and instruction are delivered completely online in an independent learning format with guidance from a district employed, State Certified Instructor. It does NOT include ‘direct instruction’ from the district employee for each student.

Each student in a virtual learning program should have regular, consistent access to the internet, parental support, be able to work independently without regular interaction with the teacher, and have access to a dedicated mentor at school.


  • A “Mentor” is a school employee who the student has virtual, daily access to who can assist in the learning process.
  • The Mentor for virtual learners at CMS is a state-certified teacher in all subjects in grades K-8.


  • The role of the Parent’s/Guardian’s for middle school students is one of supervision and accountability.
  • Parents/Guardians should also communicate regularly with the assigned mentor.


  • Because our virtual learning program is an “Asynchronous Learning Environment” (not delivered live) your student’s schedule will typically be determined by you and your student. This makes it very important to create a structured schedule that works for your family and puts a priority on your student’s learning.


  • In all cases, your student will have access to an in-district teacher and mentor, a counselor, and administration. These individuals are available to answer questions, offer guidance, progress updates, etc. However, because our Virtual Learning program is an “independent learning environment,” you and your student will not receive direct instruction like that which would be provided in a traditional classroom environment.
  • Teacher: Mrs. Donna Eberle [email protected]
  • Counselor: Mrs. Samantha Bissell [email protected]
  • Principal: Mr. Josh Haggerty [email protected]


  • Elk Rapids Schools is committed to assisting any family who does not currently have access to get connected whenever feasible. Our Technology Director will work to eliminate barriers to access whenever possible.


  • Elk Rapids Schools is providing a traditional face-to-face and in-person educational program for students, as well as offering the 100% Virtual Option Program. For individual questions, please contact your school administrator.


  • Please contact your school administrator for more specific information regarding special services for your student.
  • Special education students with an IEP will be assigned to a certified special education teacher known as a “caseload provider” to assist in the delivery of services.

FAQ Session with Mr. Haggerty on Virtual Learning at CMS




Ready to Sign up for Virtual Learning at CMS through Edmentum?

  1. Please fill out this Virtual Learning Registration form
  2. Print and sign the Parent Commitment Form and return it to the CMS Office
  3. Print and sign the Virtual Option Student Contract and return it to the CMS Office
  4. Sign Up for the Remind text group for your grade in order to receive communications and updates from Mrs. Eberle! 
    • 6th Grade Virtual Courses  Join code- 6edmentum

    • 7th Grade Virtual Courses  Join code- 7edmentum

    • 8th Grade Virtual Courses  Join code- 8edmentum ​​​​​​

  5. Join your Google Classroom Class for Edmentum!

    • 6th Grade Edmentum Google Classroom Code: qxzzizt

    • 7th grade Edmentum Google Classroom Code: cakddhf

    • 8th grade Edmentum Google Classroom Code: ku3h5if

  6. Bookmark your Google Meet (video chat) link!