Fall 2020 Return to Learn Plans

Return to School Plan 2020-21

Approved 8/3/2020 (Modified 11/9/20)

COVID-19 Prepardness and Response Plan

PDF DocumentReturn to School Plan 2020-21

PDF DocumentReturn to Learn Flyer 2020-21

Extended COVID-19 Learning Training


Return to Learning Paths: 

Elk Rapids Schools will provide two paths for learning 

Path A (Instruction Provided by Elk Rapids Staff)
  • MI Safe School Return to School Roadmap Phases 4 - 6: Face-to-Face on site learning with safety procedures in place
  • MI Safe School Return to School Roadmap Phases 1-3: Home based online and packet learning guided by Elk Rapids teachers

**MI Safe School Return to School  Roadmap Phases are determined by the State of Michigan**

Path B (Instruction Provided by a Remote Virtual Platform) 
  • MI Safe School Roadmap Phase 1-6: Virtual learning via an online learning program
Plan Rationale:
  • To guarantee the highest quality learning opportunities for Elk Rapids students
  • To ensure the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and the greater Elk Rapids community
  • The procedures we have adopted are aligned with the requirements and recommendations of the MI Safe School Return to School Roadmap 
  • Consideration of stakeholder survey data from June and July were utilized to inform our decision making process
Path A: 

MI Safe Start Roadmap: Phases 4-6 

Elk Rapids School Status: In-Person Face-to-Face Learning 


  • Classroom instruction and learning activities will occur in their traditional format with additional safety precautions

  • All traditional school activities will proceed with safety modifications as required and recommended by the Michigan Department of Education and local health departments 


MI Safe Start Roadmap: Phases 1-3 

Elk Rapids School Status: Remote Learning


  • Students will work from home and receive their instruction and coursework from their classroom teachers
  • The district will provide devices for all students in grades TK-12
  • Students will have daily instruction led by Elk Rapids Schools staff members
  • Students will be held accountable for assignments and receive grades (and credit for grades 9-12) based on their performance, participation, and effort
  • Teachers will develop and implement rigorous lessons and activities that follow the state of Michigan standards
  • Students will engage in learning activities that support and promote social and emotional wellness
  • Students and teachers will communicate regularly to ensure academic progress which may include virtual meetings, phone conversations, and written communication
  • Teachers will have office hours during which time they can communicate with students and parents
  • Counselors and social workers will provide guidance, support, and access to community resources
  • All district child care facilities will remain open as permitted by local health departments 
Path B:  

MI Safe Start Roadmap:  In all Phases 

Elk Rapids School Status: Virtual Learning 


  • Parents must request enrollment
  • Parental support will be necessary for success
  • Students will engage in learning via a comprehensive online learning program from state approved vendors and supported by Elk Rapids Schools
  • Students grades 6-12 who choose this option will be required to remain in the program for one semester (September 8 - January 22, 2021); students K-5 will be required to remain in the program for one trimester (September 8 - December 4, 2020)
Additional Information:
  • We will follow the guidelines set by the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) 
  • In phases 1-3 extracurricular activities such as Marching Band, Robotics, MYIG, etc. will be postponed as required for all schools per state guidelines
  • In phases 4-6, the status of extracurricular activities will be determined by the district based on regional health and safety guidelines
  • In phases 1-4 students will be provided breakfast and lunch to those who are eligible and request it 
  • In phases 5-6 food service staff will provide serving and dining options that involve staggered serving times and socially distanced seating
  • Food service staff will use barrier protections including gloves, masks, and face shields
  • In phases 1-3 transportation will be suspended as students engage in at home remote learning
  • In phases 4-6 transportation will resume with modifications to support student safety
  • Students will be required to wear a mask
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided
  • Seating assignments will be implemented
  • Buses will be sanitized daily


  • Hand sanitizing dispensers will be placed in every classroom and portable hand sanitizing stations will be placed throughout common areas in each building
  • Paper towel dispensers and disinfectant spray bottles will be provided to classroom teachers
  • Sharing of personal items and supplies such as writing utensils will be limited and discouraged
  • Playground equipment will be disinfected daily
  • Proper sanitization, hygiene, and virus mitigation strategies will be employed in all buildings
  • Students will be required to wash their hands multiple times daily
  • Staff will be required to monitor themselves for symptoms and complete a screening form daily
  • Parents are required to take their student’s temperature and to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 
  • Students and staff who exhibit signs and symptoms of COVID-19 are required to stay home and follow local health department guidelines for work reentry.  Click Here to View COVID-19 Symptoms
  • Students and staff who are diagnosed with COVID-19 must follow the treatment and quarantine  recommendations of the local health department
  • Students and staff who have been possibly exposed to COVID-19 must follow the quarantine and treatment recommendations of the local health department 


  • All staff and students in grades PreK-12 will wear a mask when in hallways, common areas, and when riding on a school bus
  • All staff will wear a mask at all times when in the presence of students
  • K-12: Students will be required to wear a mask throughout the school day (As is strongly recommended by the MI Safe Schools Return to School Roadmap)
  • Students will be required to wash reusable masks at home each day
  • Disposable masks will be made available for students and staff in need
  • All guests who enter the school will also be required to wear a mask
  • District wide child care programs will remain open at all phases as allowed by local health departments 
  • It is also recognized that child care requirements may differ from the requirements of the MI Safe Schools Roadmap
  • Will be required to wear a mask, sanitize hands, and register at the school office
  • All non essential visitation will be discouraged 


  • In phase 4, Elk Rapids students who are enrolled in CTE programs at the Traverse Bay Area Career Tech Center (CTC) will attend face-to-face classes in a hybrid format with 2 days of in classroom instruction and 2-3 days of remote learning.
  • In phase 5, Elk Rapids students who are enrolled in CTE programs at the Traverse Bay Area Career Tech Center will attend face-to-face classes 5 days per week.  The TBA Career Tech Center will provide and fret communicate expected safety protocols for students and staff while in attendance.  The TBA Career Tech Center Principal will communicate additional information regarding Phase 4 and Phase 5 learning plans in the near future.